Our Approach to Training and Servicing

We at Quality Custodial Services believe in cultivating an environment with our employees that empowers them to function professionally as well as support the delivery of quality cleaning results to our clients. This is achieved by implementing concepts derived from the 5S Manufacturing Model. We train our employees in the process of mastering cleaning tasks through rehearsing steps in cleaning standards.

Our standard of cleaning becomes routine for employees based on continual delivery day after day ( 1 sort ). This process of training creates a more productive employee, higher employee retention rate, and ultimately translates into customer satisfaction through service accuracy and consistency ( 2 set in order ). Our purpose is to train proactive, responsible, and professional employees that understand good housekeeping standards ( 3 shine )+ ( 4 standardize ). In return it has proved to protect our valued business relationships, reputation, and fair return on investment ( 5 sustain ).
5s methodology
We at Quality Custodial Services have a huge respect for industry manufacturing and we understand that it is the,"Heartbeat" of American productivity.
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